Sizes, Timbers & Delivery

Sizes of our Furniture

All measurements shown are given to the nearest centimetre and inch. Sizes are shown as height x width x depth unless otherwise specified.


Specification of a particular wood is intended to indicate the principle solid or veneer used in its construction, and not an indication that the entire piece is made of that timber. Bandings, and finishes may use different timbers, and we reserve the right to use any suitable material.

Delivery to our Trade Customers

Our acknowledgment of your order will include our estimated despatch date by week number. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the quoted delivery date, our delivery time may vary depending on circumstances governing at the time.

All UK mainland deliveries are carried out by our own transport. In the event of customers requiring extra labour or delivery directly to a site address, we reserve the right to charge for this service.